The Faculty of Law, Udayana University, Holds a Business Unit Development Workshop

The Faculty of Law, Udayana University held a Business Unit Development Workshop, Tuesday (25/05/2021).

The workshop was opened by the Dean who in this case was represented by the Deputy Dean II who in his speech said that the Faculty of Law, which had already pocketed the Chancellor's Decree regarding the establishment of the FH Business Unit and the Business Unit Management Decree to immediately realize the various business potentials owned by FH in order to increase FH acceptance of services Non-Academic.

The Director of BPU as a resource person in his material gave tips on the steps that must be taken to realize the plan while reminding that business unit operations must remain subject to the management of state assets and finances.

This workshop was attended by Deputy Deans, TU Coordinators, and Business Unit Managers in the Faculty of Law, Udayana University.