FK Unud Holds a Review on the Proposed RKA for Fiscal Year 2022

In order to improve the quality of the T.A.2022 Activity Planning and Budget at Udayana University, Friday (7/5/2021) at the Prof.dr. I Goesti Ngoerah Gde Ngoerah, FK Unud participated in the Review of the Proposed RKA TA 2022 by the Udayana University SPI Team and the BPKU Planning Division.

This online review activity was opened by the Deputy Dean for Academic and Planning Affairs, Dr. dr. I Dewa Made Sukrama, MSi., SpMK (K) and was also attended by the Deputy Dean for General Affairs and Finance, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Information, Study Program Coordinators or representative budget operators, Unit Coordinators, Administrative Coordinators, and Sub Coordinator at FK Unud.

The main agenda in this meeting was to discuss the review of the suitability of the RKA proposal with the expenditure account along with the output of activities by the Planning Department of Udayana University, and a review of RKA proposals based on budget feasibility and suitability by the SPI Udayana University Team.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. dr. I Ketut Suyasa, SpB., SpOT (K), who was also present in his speech, said "Thank you to the SPI Team for being willing to help in reviewing RKA FK Udayana University and apologize if from us in FK there are still deficiencies or mistakes in making "Budget planning. Hopefully with this activity, together we can oversee the mandate and state finances can be managed and accounted for as they should be," he said, who also closed the event.