Udayana University Receives Audience from ANO Makassar

The Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation & Information accompanied by the Director of RSPTN Unud, the Director of BPU, and the Head of BAKH received an audience from ANO Makassar at the Rectorate Building, Jimbaran Campus, Thursday (29/04/2021). This audience was in the context of building cooperation in business activities between ANO Makassar and Udayana University, one of which was in the field of eye hospital development.

Vice Rector for Planning, Cooperation & Information Prof. IB Wyasa Putra on this occasion welcomed the request for cooperation from ANO Makassar and Udayana University. It was conveyed that Udayana University, which is under the Ministry of Education and Culture, has mechanisms and procedures that must be followed in building a collaboration. The simplest part of the collaboration process is to conduct an assessment of the feasibility of the collaboration, whether it has an impact on the performance achievements of Udayana University.

In this case ANO Makassar has a mission to establish mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Indonesia, one of which is engaged in the health sector, namely the development of an eye hospital. The collaboration offered to Udayana University is in the form of opening an eye care center in an eye care education center.

In addition, it also discussed other collaborations that could be carried out with Udayana University and which would later be studied further by the Business Management Agency (BPU) of Udayana University.