Unud Hospital Receives CSR Assistance from PT Baliyoni Saguna

Thursday (29/4/2021), at the Meeting Room Building 2 of Unud Hospital, PT Baliyoni Saguna handed over CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) assistance to Unud Hospital.

The CSR submitted was in the form of 9 units of HPE Aruba Access Points, 1 Unit of Aruba HPE Switches, Network cables and cable connectors to cover one of the buildings in RSPTN. The handover ceremony was attended by Vice Rector II, Vice Rector IV, Director of Udayana University Hospital and Staff, Chair of USDI, Rector Special Staff and PT Baliyoni Saguna and their staff. This assistance is expected to be useful for improving hospital services in dealing with Covid-19.

Director of Udayana University Hospital Prof. Dewa Putu Gede Purwa Samatra conveyed that the management of Udayana University Hospital is entering its third year and in September it will be a birthday, and this CSR is a gift received before the anniversary of the Udayana Hospital.

In 2021, the Hospital has collaborated with BPJS, and in 2020 it has been designated as a Covid Special Isolation Hospital and has treated approximately 12,000 Covid patients. In addition, Unud Hospital is also one of the hospitals that has the task of handling the covid vaccine.
Starting April 2021, Udayana University Hospital will open the treatment for non-Covid patients again.

CSR assistance in the form of internet equipment is expected to support services at Unud Hospital, considering that in the future the collaboration with BPJS must be paper less and a hospital information system has also been created. The Director of the Unud Hospital gave his appreciation to PT Baliyoni Saguna, and this CSR assistance will be used as well as possible to support services at the Unud Hospital.

Vice Rector IV Prof. IB Wyasa Putra in his speech representing the Rector of Udayana University said that the hospital is currently in the process of being developed, so it really needs various supports from universities, local governments and the private sector. Baliyoni is a business entity that has good relations with Udayana University, where so far Udayana University has received a lot of CSR assistance and other support. The Vice Rector gave his appreciation for the assistance and support that has been given. As a public service institution, the hospital must carry out services that are fast, accurate, effective and efficient, one of which is through the use of information technology, so that the assistance provided is very meaningful for the development of the Udayana Hospital.

Meanwhile, the Head of PT Baliyoni Saguna Ni Wayan Sri Ariyani said that CSR is a company obligation and is usually carried out through a foundation, but this time CSR is a little different because it is a CSR issued by Hewlett-Packard, in which case Baliyoni is given the opportunity to choose who is entitled to CSR. and Udayana University became one of the recipients. Baliyoni has a role in bridging the provision of CSR from Hewlett-Packard, and in this case the Udayana Hospital meets the requirements to get this CSR. The Baliyoni leadership also gave appreciation to Unud for the trust and cooperation given to PT Baliyoni so far.