DPM Udayana University Holds a Rector Meeting

The Student Representative Council (DPM) of Udayana University held a Rector I Meeting with the theme "Synergize Together for Realizing a Dedicated, Synergic and Real Udayana", Thursday (22/4/2021). The Rector Meeting took place offline from the Nation Room, Rectorate Building, Jimbaran Campus and online through the Zoom Meeting application. Present directly at the Nation's Room from the Rectorate, namely the Rector of Unud, Vice Rector I, Vice Rector II, Vice Rector III, Head of Student Affairs Bureau, Head of BAKH, Chair of the Ormawa Development Unit, Coordinator of Student Reasoning and Information Interest, BMN Coordinator, Financial Coordinator, temporarily from the students attended the Chair of the Unud DPM and its ranks, the Chair of the BEM Unud, the moderator and the committee of the Rector I Meeting.

Chairperson of the Committee for Rector Meeting I Fajar Khun Faqih in his report said that the theme raised was intended to invite the entire academic community to reflect and evaluate each other, so that on various opportunities that will come, we can work better to create a dedicated, synergic and real Udayana University. in all existing aspects.

Meanwhile, the purpose of the Rector I meeting was to be able to discuss various problems that occurred at Udayana University to jointly find solutions, provide opportunities for students to provide suggestions and criticism to the Rector in handling various problems, as well as a form of appreciation to the ranks of the Rector for dedication to Udayana University.

Head of DPM Unud Aditya Nur Febriansyah said that the Rector Meeting is a routine agenda of DPM and an event designed to be able to discuss together various problems that exist, especially among students with the hope of a common solution to create a better one. This year's Rector Meeting is a little different because this year there is an agenda for the election of the Rector and hopefully the next Rector can bring Udayana University to be even better. The Chairman of DPM also expressed his appreciation to the current Rector for his dedication and commitment during his tenure. The chairman of DPM hopes that through this activity he can have dialogue and discussion related to various problems and find solutions.

Rector of Unud Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi on this occasion appreciated the theme that was taken, where collective reflection means we have to take a moment to do self-evaluation which is indeed an important thing. The program will run well if we do internal monitoring and self-evaluation. In the accreditation of the Study Program that is also requested is a self-evaluation of the Study Program. So it is a very appropriate theme in the context of realizing a dedicated Unud which means an effort to realize noble goals, in this case the University Vision. This can be realized if all the academic community can work together. We can work together if we can position ourselves well. Let's work together between the Rectorate and students in the fields of education and research to produce excellent, independent and cultured undergraduates and graduates.

The first session of the Rector Meeting was filled with an explanation of the work program that had been carried out by the Udayana University Rector, while the second session was filled with discussion and discussion. The topics discussed in the discussion session included student organizations, infrastructure, UKM funds, UKT payments during the pandemic, the commitment of university leaders, building facilities, and security in the campus environment.