The Final Session of the SBMPTN UTBK 2021 of Udayana University in the First Wave

The last session of the first batch of SBMPTN UTBK implementation in 2021 at Udayana University took place on Sunday (18/4/2021). While the second wave of implementation will begin on April 26, 2021.

Rector of Unud Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi accompanied by the Head of the Organizing Committee Prof. I Ketut Suyasa and the Head of BAKH reviewed the implementation of UTBK with the exam locations at the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Economics and Business, Jimbaran Campus. On this occasion the Rector received a report from each person in charge of the room related to the implementation of UTBK which had been going on for three days.

The number of participants in the 2021 SBMPTN UTBK implementation at Udayana University in the last session of the first batch was 910 participants which were divided into two sessions where each session consisted of 455 participants.

The first batch of UTBK was divided into six sessions with 2,131 participants attending UTBK out of a total of 2,328 registered participants.