FK Unud Holds the 59th BKFK Summit Event

Sunday, (7/3/2021) held the highlight of the celebration of the 59th anniversary of the Udayana University Faculty of Medicine (BKFK) kinship body, at dr. A A. Made Djelantik, Lt. IV, Faculty of Medicine, University of Udayana, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar.

This year's BKFK celebration has the theme "Knitting Love Building a Devoted Country in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Udayana".

Also attending the celebration were the Rector of Unud, Chair of the Unud Senate, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Chair of the Faculty of Medicine Senate, Deputy Deans of the Faculty of Medicine, Kakesdam IX Udayana, Kabiddokes Polda Bali, Study Program Coordinator and Head of Departments within the Faculty of Medicine. The event was also followed online by other invitees.

Prof. Dr. dr. A A. Wiradewi Lestari as Chairperson of the Family Council of the Faculty of Medicine (BKFK) Udayana University in his report said that BKFK is a forum for friendship among the community consisting of lecturers, employees, students and friendship between the community and alumni and FK Unud stakeholders, and birthdays are important moments. most appropriate to carry out these silahturahmi.
Moments to meet each other, share and self-reflect to jointly advance FK Unud.
In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic conditions, of course, we cannot discourage us. The theme carried out in the implementation of BKFK is "Get Up From Limitation, Set Up Your Creation and Binds Creativities on The Edge of Pandemic".

The Chairman of BKFK also conveyed that various activities had been carried out in welcoming the 59th BKFK including social services, distribution of basic necessities, provision of health education activities, routine blood donation for conventional plasma in synergy with the Bali Regional Police with Kodam IX Udayana, National Webinars, and arts and culture competitions. A A. On this occasion, Wiradewi also expressed his gratitude to the lecturers and staff who have retired in 2020. All the services of the seniors for FK development will never be forgotten.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. dr. I Ketut Suyasa in his speech said that we must be able to work together and collaborate with the government to build the country we love in times of this kind of situation. where as a medical person must put forward a sense of empathy and sympathy because no one is perfect. With the implementation of BKFK, it is hoped that it can reflect on what has been carried out so far as a large family of the Faculty of Medicine at Udayana University. At the age of 59, it is hoped that he will become a more mature and wise person because he is given the opportunity to serve as an academic or intellectual and become a person who thinks logically to put forward, sort and choose because we are part of the education space. The Dean hopes that the Faculty of Medicine at Udayana University will be more advanced in the future.

Rector of Unud Prof. Dr. dr. A A. In his speech, Raka Sudewi congratulated the Faculty of Medicine at Udayana University for holding the 59th BKFK Unud. This is a gathering event and reflects for the academic community to forgive each other and come back together hand in hand in synergy towards the Faculty of Medicine which achieves a world image. The Rector also gave his appreciation to the Faculty of Medicine for his contribution and cooperation to Udayana University so far, both in the Academic and Non-Academic fields. Many things have been done, including in the academic field, to graduate undergraduate students over 90 percent of graduating on time with a minimum target of 70 percent. International publications in journals indexed by Scopus have also been won by the Faculty of Medicine. Achievements in the non-academic field, namely FK's contribution in the field of non-tax state revenue for Udayana University is above 50 percent. This contribution is very large both for the development and development of Udayana University.