Unud Initiated Collaboration with Russia-Indonesia Business Council to Develop Technology in Efforts to Increase Agricultural Products

The Online Presentation of Agricultural Technology from the Russia-Indonesia Business Council took place online through the Zoom application, Thursday (4/3/2021). The meeting in online format between Udayana University leaders and the Russia-Indonesia Business Council delegation took place in an effort to increase bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Russia and was a follow-up to the collaboration between Udayana University and Lomonosov Moscow State University.

In this presentation activity, the Rector of Udayana University was represented by the Deputy Rector for Planning, Cooperation and Information, Prof. IB Wyasa Putra together with the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Deputy Dean I and Deputy Dean II of the Faculty of Agriculture, Chairperson of the Study Program for Masters in Dry Land Agriculture and Masters in Agroecotechnology, Chair of UPIKS and Lecturers. Meanwhile, from the Russia-Indonesia Business Council who attended, namely Mr. Mikhail Kuritsyn, Chairman, Mr. Alexander Popov, Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Dmitry Kuritsyn, Head of Agricultural Projects and Ms. Maria Avdeeva, Chief of Staff as well as from Fadeev Agro Ms. Anastasia Fadeeva, CEO.

Russia-Indonesia Business Council is an organization established under the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the vision and mission of bringing together the efforts of Russian and Indonesian businessmen, government agencies and academics towards the development of mutually beneficial relations in the fields of trade, economy, investment, technology and science between the two countries. . The Business Council selects a number of superior technologies that can be applied in various sectors of the Indonesian economy, especially in the fields of agriculture and food security, as well as solutions to protect the environment and solve ecological problems.

During this meeting the Russian side presented several types of agricultural equipment and technology developed and implemented by the Fadeev Agro company. Among other things, the company produces tools for seed cleaning and selection to select seeds in optimal conditions for planting in order to achieve high yields. The equipment referred to can be used for all types of plants, including plants that have strategic value for Indonesia and Bali in particular, such as rice, soybeans, green beans and others.

Another solution that Fadeev Agro offers is organic fertilizers which help increase the quality and volume of the harvest by maintaining plant health in the early stages of growth and plant resistance to disease. Organic fertilizers that are environmentally friendly also contribute to the condition and level of soil fertility, and do not interfere with the surrounding natural conditions including the population of earthworms, bees and others, which makes it a more optimal choice than chemical fertilizers. The equipment and technology has been applied in a number of countries including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, India, Singapore etc. and have shown real positive results.

In the meeting, the two parties agreed to make an MoU of cooperation, including in the field of transferring technology to protect and preserve the environment, ecological monitoring, innovative solutions to clean lake water in Bali and others.

The Russia-Indonesia Business Council hopes that the application of efficient agricultural technology can help improve the welfare of the Balinese people, while the production of organic commodities can also encourage the growth of the tourism and retail sectors after tourist access is reopened in line with the normalization process of the COVID-19 pandemic situation.