FTP UNUD Releases 81 Prospective Graduates for the February 2021 Period

The Faculty of Agricultural Technology held an online event to send out messages for prospective graduates for the February 2021 period via the Webex application, Thursday (25/02/2021).

There are 81 prospective graduates released for the February 2021 period, consisting of 8 people from the Masters Program and 73 people from the Undergraduate Program. For the best graduate of undergraduate programs in this period, Marcelyna Lucia, S.TP. from the Food Technology Study Program with a GPA of 3.87, with a very satisfying predicate and a length of study of 4 years 5 months. Meanwhile, the best graduate of the Masters Study Program was Febriyawati Cahyanty Nugraha, S.TP., M.TP. with a GPA of 3.84, predicate satisfactory, length of study 3 years 2 months.