BIPAS (Bali International Program on Asian Studies) Batch 24

The Faculty of Cultural Sciences held an Opening Ceremony for Spring and Orientation Day for Semester 2021 for the 24th Batch which took place online, Thursday (11/01/2021) at R. Soekarno, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Unud.

The Opening Ceremony was attended offline by the Deans and the Deputy Deans of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, BIPAS Coordinators and the Organizing Committee. While Online attended by the KUI Coordinator, the Chief Representative Officer and Business Development Manager OF Asia Exchange (Partner / Agent of the BIPAS program) Mr. Hannes Bourgward, the 18 lecturers and new students of BIPAS.

The event began with the Indonesia Raya National Anthem, BIPAS Video Profile screening, BIPAS Coordinator Report, Message from the Chief Representative Officer and Business Development Manager of Asia Exchange, Handover of student academic responsibility from the Asia Exchange to BIPAS received by the Dean of FIB UNUD, and the Unud Chancellor's Message represented by the KUI Coordinator.
The event was closed by showing the profile video of the new BIPAS program students.

The BIPAS New Student Orientation was opened with the screening of the Udayana University profile video and the KUI profile video. Followed by the provision of matriculation by the FIB Dean with the title "Basic Fact of Bali, Practical Information", presentation of material by the Asia Exchange related to general information about the Asia Exchange program, BIPAS, and information on arrival and visas.

The event was closed with material presentation by the Program Coordinator and a discussion on the teaching and learning process at BIPAS, especially during the pandemic which was carried out online.

Lectures at BIPAS start Monday, 15 Feb - Thursday, 27 May 2021 from 15.00-21.30 WITA. This is done because of the time difference between Bali and countries in Europe, considering that most students come from Europe.

Online learning uses three media, namely Udayana Webex Meeting, BIPAS Dropbox and OASE.