UNUD Promotes 2021 MBKM Courses

Udayana University held an online socialization of the Merdeka Learning Course for the Independent Campus Semester for the 2021 Academic Year which took place online through the Unud Webex application, (26/1). This socialization was carried out in order to provide the latest information regarding the implementation of the Merdeka Learning Course on the Merdeka Campus Even Semester for the 2020/2021 Academic Year.

In accordance with the Ministry of Education and Culture's policy of Merdeka Belajar-Merdeka Campus (MBKM), namely "Three Semester Study Rights Outside the Study Program" which gives students the right to study three semesters outside the study program, giving students freedom to take semester credit units (credits) outside the study program. The three semesters are in the form of 1 semester of opportunity to take courses outside the study program inside the university and 2 semesters to carry out learning activities outside the university. Various forms of learning activities outside Udayana University can be designed, including internships / work practices in industry or other workplaces, carrying out community service projects in villages, teaching in educational units, participating in student exchanges, conducting research, carrying out entrepreneurial activities, making studies / independent projects, and follow humanitarian programs. Currently Udayana University has implemented these policies, and to accommodate this, it is necessary to record data on the activities of Merdeka Learning-Merdeka Campus.

This socialization event was attended by the Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Deans and Deputy Deans I, Chairperson of LP3M, Ka. BAKH and the Study Program Coordinators. As resource persons in this activity the Chairperson of USDI and the Team who conveyed the recording mechanism of independent learning activities through the Academic Information System (SIMAK-NG), especially those included in learning activities outside Unud Another thing that was conveyed was related to the obligation to report all academic activities to the DIKTI Database. The feature of recording MBKM activities outside of Udayana University is made in accordance with the Guidebook for Merdeka Learning for the Merdeka Campus of Unud in 2020. In general, there will be an acknowledgment process for MBKM activities which is equivalent to 20 credits per semester.

Unud Chancellor Prof. A.A Raka Sudewi hopes that through this socialization it can provide information and equalize perceptions related to the implementation of the MBKM program at Udayana University.