DWP Unud Holds Community Service at Ulun Danu Bulian Temple

Dharma Wanita Persatuan Udayana University carried out tree planting and cleaning activities in the area of ​​Ulun Danu Bulian Temple, Pancasari Village, Buleleng Regency, Saturday (11/14/2020). This activity was attended by representatives of the Unud DWP management by implementing health protocols and coupled with regular meetings that took place at Bali Handara Golf & Resort.

The Head of DWP Unud Ida Ayu Bulan Antara said that this activity was an annual DWP agenda which was usually held in May, but due to the pandemic period it could only be held in November. Furthermore, he said that tree planting is a national program and through this activity, DWP Unud indirectly participates in the success of the program in creating a green environment. Besides, it is also an effort to preserve the environment.

The plants that are brought are plants that function as ceremonial materials in the hope that after the seeds are planted, they can be used by the people around the temple. The plants brought were chrysanthemum, lotus, dewandaru, sudamala coconut seeds, majegau, sandalwood and eucalyptus. After the dedication to plant trees, a cleaning activity was carried out around the temple area which was followed by a group praying event.

On this occasion, the handover of punia funds and trash cans was also carried out in the hope that pemedek who Tangkil would be more disciplined in disposing of garbage in its place.

Activities like this are also expected to be carried out every year and next year the plan is to be carried out at the temple in the Udayana University campus area.