CBT SKB CPNS 2019 at Udayana University

Denpasar - Tuesday (29/9/2020) a Computer Based Test (CBT) was held for CPNS SKB 2019 Fiscal Year, Udayana University. The implementation of CBT took place at the Computer Lab, Faculty of Economics and Business, Unud, Sudirman Campus, Denpasar.

Head of General Bureau Drs. Ketut Amoga Sidi as the technical person in charge for the implementation of CBT said that the number of registered participants for CBT at Udayana University was 15 people but there was one person who was not present. Participants of CBT SKB CPNS may not take CBT at Unud and can take the test at the closest CBT location point determined by the Ministry of Education and Culture. This CBT is a continuation of the previous selection stage, namely the online interview and microteaching test which took place on 22 and 23 September 2020 online.