ITP Master Helds Workshop of Profile Compilation

Faculty of Agricultural Technology held a Workshop of Graduates Profile compilation and Learning Achievements Graduates for Master of Science and Technology Study program, Wednesday (11/03/2020) at 3.10 Meeting Room , 3rd Floor, Postgraduate Building, Udayana University. The compilation of graduate profiles and achievements of graduation learning is a revision of the profile of previous graduates already existed to adjust to the development of science interm of 4.0 revolution, the use of IT as well as the programs launched by the Minister of Education and Culture namely the Merdeka  Campus and Merdeka Belajar.

In addition the workshop also invite lecturers and alumni and presented several stakeholders from a number of corporate and bureaucratic institutions such as stakeholders from PT Hotten Bali, PT Aerofood Indonesia Unit Denpasar, Head of the Tabanan Regency Agriculture Office, the Department of Food Security, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Gianyar Regency and academics from the University Dhyana Pura.

"The graduates profile is very important, because this profile shows what they (students) become after graduating from here and what they can do at work." explained the Coordinator of the Master Program in Food Science and Technology, Dr. Ir. Ni Made Wartini, M.P.

Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Ketut Satriawan, M.T., also added that the adjustment of the graduate profile accompanied by learning achievements of graduates also aims to make graduates from the Master of Science and Technology study program can be absorbed in the world of work or create their own jobs. For this reason, a number of stakeholders appear to provide input on the criteria of the Masters in Food Science and Technology that suits their needs because later these graduates will be used by several stakeholders.

"Graduates from the Master of Science and Food Technology study program will be used by stakeholders. Therefore, we also present stakeholders from the government, business and also alumni users of our graduates so that we can find out what route they want to match the needs and what we will produce. " explained the Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology.

The graduate profile will explain information about what competencies graduates will have from the Master of Science and Technology Study Program at Udayana University, later will be able to facilitate them in the career world. (fan)