BEM FP Unud Sharpen Creativity Through Student Creativity Program Competition (KPKM)

Student Executive Board (BEM FP) from the Agriculture Faculty of Udayana University held a Student Creativity Program Competition (KPKM) at the Senate Room, 2nd Floor  of Agrokomplek Building Sudirman Campus on Friday (13/12). Carrying the theme "Early Steps of Millennial Farmers, Being Creative and Fearless of Limitation", the KPKM aims to enhance the creativity and competitive spirit of FP students.

In accordance with the theme, Ni Made Savita Rasjman as the head of the committee described FP Unud students as "millennial farmers" who are free to create and express their ideas in the form of PKM.

KPKM opens wide opportunities for all FP Unud students to send their PKM creation. After a long selection, 5 teams were obtained who were ready to present their PKM in front of the judges who were FP lecturers. PKM which contested are 3 PKM-M, and 2 PKM-K.

BY helding this competition regularly, the Vice Dean I of the Faculty of Agriculture, DR. Ir. Ni Luh Kartini, M.S hopes that the best scientific work produced can compete at nationally and internationally level. "So all creativity can be channeled and contained in an article. So that it will become a bank, which if one day can be used.