UKM KSR-PMI (Indonesian Red Cross Voluntary Corps) Unit of Udayana University participated in  Maybank Bali Marathon 2019 international activities on Sunday (09/08/2019). Maybank Bali Marathon itself is an international running event organized by MayBank. Implemented in the eighth, UKM KSR-PMI Udayana University Unit under the auspices of PMI Bali Province is trusted as its Health Team.

Eko Wardani as Head of Bali Province PMI Health Services Division said preparations to attend this event had been carried out since a month ago. "Preparations that have been made starting from administrative preparations, briefings, material refreshes, logistics, etc. we have done a month before the activity," he said.

Eko added that the number of volunteers recorded in the Maybank Bali Marathon 2019 were 178 people and 30 of them were volunteers from the KSR-PMI Unit of Udayana University. The volunteers assigned in this activity are equipped with equipment that is in accordance with the assignment standard, including identity, personal protective equipment (PPE), first aid kit, and ice tube.

Agus Arya, volunteer of the KSR-PMI Unit of Udayana University said he was very happy and proud to be able to participate and be ready to serve the community. "I feel, happy and proud to be able to participate in this activity. Moreover, this is an international scale. The initial preparations that have been made since the information was given were individual readiness for themselves, preparing food, and warm clothes, "said the student from the Faculty of Agriculture.

Volunteers will depart from Bali Province PMI Headquarters pukuk; 23:30 and must be stand by at the location at 1:30 in accordance with the division of tasks that have been given. It is hoped that the activity will run smoothly and all participants can safely reach the finish. Finish Strong, finish save. (yun)