Motivating Cooperative Members, KPN Karya Bina Sejahtera Unud Holds Entrepreneurship Training

KPN Karya Bina Sejahtera University of Udayana hold Cooperative Members Education and Training Activities, 9-10 August 2019. The activity was attended by 24 cooperative members in the Conference Room of GDLN Sudirman Campus in Denpasar.

According to the Chairperson of  KPN Karya Bina Sejahtera, Komang Ardana, this education and training at the same time trying to build a new enthusiasm and motivate of cooperative members who will be retire in order to build a business. "Cooperative wants to contribute in the context of enhancing entrepreneurial values ​​and motivating members who will retire so that they have a new spirit, have activities that can make them better," said Komang Ardana.

KPN Karya Bina Sejahtera routinely organizes training for members of cooperative, both in the fields of entrepreneurship, marketing enhancement, human resources, and others. Until now  KPN Karya Bina Sejahtera has had as many as 1900 members consisting of lecturers and educational staff at Udayana University. (dsk, ad)