SuraBali 2019 Introduces Sociopreneurship to Foreign Students

Udayana University in collaboration with Airlangga University and Petra Christian University held a Summer Camp titled SuraBali 2019 (05/08/2019) at 4th floor Agrokomplek Building Sudirman campus. Followed by 34 students from Japan, China and Indonesia, this activity began on Saturday (07/29/2019) in Surabaya and ended on Wednesday (07/08/2019) at Udayana University.

Ketut Tika as the Head of the International Office explained that at the end of the meeting each group of participants will be asked to present what they have gained during the series, especially in Bali Tani.

Ni Putu Sri Harta Mimba as Director of the Center for International Programs said that this activity aims to provide soft skills, especially in the field of entrepreneurship. "We hope this event can provide benefits. Especially for Udayana students and can open their horizons that learning is very necessary especially to improve their soft skills. Softskill is very useful for them to get a position or become a successful entrepreneur in the future "(vrd, mnk)