Udayana University Socialize SIRUPKU Application

Udayana University held a Socialization of the Integration of the Proposed Goods / Services Procurement Needs Database through SIRUPKU Application (Information System for KPA Procurement General Plan of Udayana University), Tuesday (06/18/2019). This activity was held in Bukit Jimbaran Campus which was attended by the Chairperson of  SPI, Head of Institution and UPT, Commitment Making Officials, Procurement Officials, Head of Finance, Planning Section Head, PNBP Budget Subdivision Head, Sub-Division Head of Program Planning and Budgeting, and Support Team Commitment Making Officer.

The development of SIRUPKU application is carried out in the context of realizing the government procurement of goods / services in Udayana University environment so that it complies with the basic principles of procurement in accordance with Presidential Regulation Number 16, 2018 and other laws.

According to the Head of the General Bureau of Udayana University, Drs. Ketut Amoga Sidi developing of SIRUPKU application was held so that the needs of goods / services can be run transparently, both by the leaders and executors of the activities. "SIRUPKU is already running, we want every system that is managed to have better changes and improvements," he said. Therefore, this needs to be socialized, so that it can be understood by all parties. (dsk, ad)