CTTC Unud - Nanchang Normal University Holds a Cultural Photo Exhibition

In the context of field work practice of Nanchang Normal University master students from Photography Study  with CTTC (Chinese Tourism Training Center) of Udayana University held a cultural photo exhibition titled "Dragon Boat Festival Bali-Nanchang Cultural Exhibition" on Friday (31/05/2019) in Agrokomplek Building Sudirman, Udayana University.

Nanchang Normal University student came to Bali to make various photos about the culture in Bali. I Made Sendra as chairman of CTTC Unud explained that the foreign students not only doing the field work practices, but this event is also the follow-up to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Chancellor of Nanchang Normal University and the Chancellor of Udayana University, "the aim of this exhibition not only promoting the tourism of China and Bali, we want to strengthen the culture of diplomacy between China and Bali," continued I Made Sendra, who is also a lecturer in the Tourism faculty. (vrd)