FK Unud helds an Inaguration of Visiting Professor and Lectures

The Medical Faculty of Udayana University helds the 9th  Bali International Combined Clinical Meeting (BICCM) in A.A. Made Djelantik room, Thursday (05/16/2019). This activity is a collaboration between the Medical Faculty of Udayana University, Sanglah Hospital, the Medical Faculty of University of Adelaide, and Women’s and Children’s Hospital Adelaide.

According to the Chancellor of Udayana University, Prof. Dr. dr. A A. Raka Sudewi, Sp., S (K), this collaboration has been established for a long time it is expected to increase cooperation in the field of research, student exchange, visiting lecture, visiting professors, and the increasing of publications. The signing of the agreement  between Indonesian Obstetrics Collegium and Gynecology  with RANZCOG and POGI.

The activity is also filled with the Inaguration of Visiting Professor and Lectures. The Chancellor of Udayana University appointed 3 visiting professors in Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as 3 visiting lecturers in the Department of Children Health.

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. dr. I Ketut Suyasa, Sp.B, Sp.OT (K) This inauguration is a routine activity carried out to give appreciation to professors who had helped to develop learning in the Faculty of Medical. According to him, since 10 years ago, visiting professors and visiting lectures routinely contributed to providing learning and guidance for students at the Faculty of Medical, Udayana University.

"Today's activity is the inauguration of the visiting professor and visiting lecture which is a form of our respect for professors who had helped to develop FK Unud," explained Dr. Ketut Suyasa. (dsk, ad)