Indonesia Ministry of Economic Affairs and Udayana University held a Socialization of Indonesia Economic Cooperation Results with Foreign Affairs

The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of Republic of Indonesia (RI Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs) together with Udayana University held a Socialization of RI-Russia and RI-Romania Economic Cooperation Results on Thursday (05/16/2019) at the 4th floor Nusantara Room Agrokomplek Building Unud Sudirman Campus.

The discussion presented by the first speaker, Ardian Wicaksono as European Director III of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discussed the results of the Republic of Indonesia-Russia and Republic of Indonesia-Rumania cooperation, then Didit Ratam as Chairman of the Indonesian KADIN Russian Committee discussed the economic relations between Indonesia and Russia business perspective, and there is Idin Fasiska as Chair of the International Relations Study Program, FISIP Udayana University discuss the potential of cooperation between Indonesia and Russia and Romania from the perspective of International Relations.

This socialization was attended by ministries, academics and business people. Agung Afgani Yosi, Head of Economic Cooperation Division of Central Europe and Eastern Europe, said that the purpose of this socialization was to partner with Udayana University and do exchange ideas and from academics. "There are many ideas not only from ministries or business people but also from academics including students," said Agung. (vrd)