Ready to Conduct Accreditation, Chancellor Directly Review Unud Hospital

Chancellor of Udayana University, Prof. Dr. Dr. A A. Raka Sudewi, Sp., S (K) visited Udayana University Hospital on Monday (05/13/2019). The visiting was carried out in preparation for accreditation which will be faced by Unud Hospital for the first time since obtaining an operational permition in September last year.

The Director of Udayana University Hospital, Dr. Dr. Dewa Putu Gde Purwa Samatra, Sp.S (K) received a visit from the Chancellor; Deputy Chancellor for General and Financial; Deputy Chancellor for Planning, Information and Cooperation; and the Head of Planning and Finance Office directly review the facilities owned by Unud Hospital. The Chancellor and everybody in charge were also invited to hold discussions with hospital staff to discuss the obstacles faced before accreditation which will be held in June 2019. Accreditation of Unud Hospital will be assessed by the Hospital Accreditation Committee which is an independent hospital accreditation institution.

"Accreditation will be held around June. This May there will be a simulation survey, they will see our readiness,"said Dr. God Gde Purwa.

Chancellor of Udayana University, Prof. Dr. Dr. A A. Raka Sudewi, Sp., S (K) said that with the achievement of accreditation, the standard of Unud Hospital could increase, so that it could expand cooperation with various parties to improve health services.

"The hope is that Unud Hospital which had got  its operational permition from September last year can also increase the status to type C first, so it can cooperate with BPJS and many visitors," said Prof. Raka Sudewi. (dsk)