The Faculty of Engineering Successfully Graduated First Doctor

The Faculty of Engineering of Udayana University held the first open session in doctoral program of Engineering Science, Tuesday (05/07/2019). Activities was held at the 3rd  floor of Postgraduate Building Hall Udayana University, Denpasar succeeded in graduating students from doctoral program of Engineering Sciences as the first doctor in Faculty of Engineering.

Engineering Science Doctoral Program, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University was established in 2014 with an Implementation Permit through the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of Republic Indonesia Number 472 / E / O / 2014. This study program has five concentrations, namely architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and information technology. As the accreditation pending until April 2019, the new Engineering Science Doctoral Program courageously graduate students this year.

The coordinator of doctoral program in Engineering, Prof.Ir.I Nyoman Arya Thanaya, ME, Ph.D said he was so happy because he had successfully conducted the first doctoral promotion exam smoothly. Coupled with programs that have been accredited B, it is expected to give stimulation to students to complete their studies on time. "We hope that other students will be more alert to finish their studies as soon as possible, because it is a demand to graduate on time," he said

As the first graduate of the Engineering Science Doctoral Program, Putu Manik Prihatini. Manik said she was very proud. Although in the preparation of her dissertation faced many obstacles, it did not make her give up but continued to be encouraged to complete his dissertation. She hoped his dissertation can be implemented and improved in the community. "My hope is that this method can be implemented in any field related to text editing because this method is not bound to grammar. And also can collaborate with researchers in the field of grammar, especially in order to create applications that are ready to be implemented," She said.

It is hoped that this graduation will become a trigger for S3 students to immediately complete their studies according to curriculum, which is six semesters. Through this, student's inputs and outputs are balanced in accordance with dean's work contract with the chancellor at least 50%. In addition, it is expected that coaches, supervisors, promoters, teachers and students can establish good cooperation to achieve the goals above. (yun)