Growing the Soul of Humanity through Blood Donation

KSR-PMI  Udayana University Student Activity Unit (UKM) together with UDD PMI Bali Province held DOBARI (Donor Darah Bersama Kami) activities on Friday, (03/05/2019) located at 1st floor Agrokomplek Building UNUD Sudirman Campus and held at 09.00-12.00 WITA. With the theme "We Share We Care" which means when we care, we can show that concern by sharing (in this case sharing blood), aiming as a place for people who wants to donate their blood.

This DOBARI activity is intended for the public with a target of 50 blood bags organized by committee of 19 people. Before the participants donate their blood, first they register and do health check in the form of a blood pressure check and hemoglobin check to ensure that they have the requirements for blood donation or not.

"We hope that this activity can help the hospital so that the blood bag deposit is still available and it can help patients who are truly blood-deficient," said I Gusti Ayu Putri Mahardani as the committee chairman who is also a student of Medical Faculty 2018.

Apart from it, I Wayan Andi who is a member of UDD PMI Bali revealed, holding this activity was not only to help patients who lack of  blood, but also to foster a social human spirit for young people to help not with money, but with blood  to patient who need it. (vrd)