Community Services to Mangroves: Introducing Sustainable Tourism through Mangrove Forests

The Faculty of Tourism of Udayana University through Go Bali Program held a Community Services to Mangrove, located in Ngurah Rai Forest Park which is a mangrove forest area. The activity held on Monday (04/29/2019) is a routine activity held by Go Bali Program every semester, and this time the activity was held in Summer Semester 2019 period.

As many as 45 foreign students from Go Bali Program, who are from Germany in average, were included in this activity. Through this activity, Go Bali wants to invite foreign students to do learning related to tourism by directly jumping into the field. Mangrove forest was chosen as a location for learning to introduce foreign students more, that Mangrove Forest is one of the areas that has an important role, especially in Bali region.

"This mangrove is like what has been said before that it can hold the waves, so that it can make Bali safe if there is a tsunami." Foreign students also need to know about the existence of these mangroves and these mangroves should be preserved," explained Go Bali Coordinator for Go Bali Tourism Program, I Made Kusuma Negara.

This activity will be continued with the assignments of the project they are currently undertaking and according to the theme this time, namely Suistanable Tourism, the average foreign student takes the topic of Sustainable Tourism for their project. "Some of the foreign students have been interested in the presence of mangroves and they want to continue the project in this Mangrove Forest," said Go Bali Program Coordinator.

In addition to maintaining environmental sustainability in Bali, I Made Kusuma Negara also hopes that there will be many tourist destinations that need to be considered by the community. "Our hope is that there are many tourist spots or destinations that need to be known where there is a lack and what needs to be added to the facilities, in addition to maintaining the sustainability of the environment, especially in Bali," he concluded. (fan)