Udayana Expo 2019 Introduces Udayana University to Prospective Students

Udayana University Student Government Executive Board (BEM PM) held Udayana Espo 2019 with the theme "The Future Begins Now" on Sunday (04/28/2019) at the hall of  Widyasabha Auditorium Building, Udayana University, Bukit Jimbaran.

The series events which are BEM PM work program, especially from Ministry of Policy and Services of the Campus was succeed  after conducting roadshows in seven districts in the Province of Bali. With around 600 participants, Udayana Expo 2019 was also enlivened by SBMPTN tryout. Isa Rizky Aswandi as chairman of the committee said that the purpose of this event was to introduce students about faculties and study programs at Udayana University, "Hopefully the participants will increase every year.” as  the Chancellor said. High school students who want to continue to the university or faculty, will not mistaken taking their study program ," said the committee chairman who is also a student of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences Anthropology Study Program. (vrd)