Enliven 34th Anniversary, Biology Study Program Invites Banjar Juga Mas Ubud to Manage the Environment

Biology Study Program of Udayana University held Community Service in the framework of commemorating the anniversary of XXXIV on Saturday (4/27/2019). The dedication was carried out at Wantilan Pura Puseh Banjar Juga, Mas Ubud Village, Gianyar, which was attended by students, lecturers, as well as village officials and Banjar youth.

The devotion was filled with counseling on flora and fauna diversity, inorganic waste in waters, waste management with simple composting techniques and bioremediation techniques by Biology Study Program lecturers. Through this counseling, the Study Program Coordinator, Dr. I Ketut Ginantra, S.Pd., M.Sc, said that the service carried out today aims to encourage the village community to manage their environment well.

"Previously we conducted a situation analysis first, meeting with Banjar Juga. This is the biological environment, such as rivers, flora and fauna we need to protect, so that the direction of this service is towards community development," Ginantra said.

The Biology Study Program also handed over tree seedlings, including 50 mahogany tree seeds, 50 sapodilla small seeds, 50 interstate tree seedlings obtained from Unda Anyar Watershed Management Office in Bali Province. In addition, flowers were also handed over, the distribution of fish seeds to the river, and installation of signposts prohibited from shooting animals from the Biology Alumni Family Unud.

The Banjar community also helped plant tree seeds and spread of fish seeds with students and lecturers. Kelian Adat Banjar Also, Wayan Suparta said that his side really appreciated this activity which was very useful for managing the environment well. "We really appreciate, hopefully this activity will continue to be held, even if the quality and quantity need to be improved again," Suparta explained.

The Biology Study Program of Udayana University was established on May 1, 1985. In this 34th Anniversary, Biology Study Program hopes to maintain the A accreditation that has been achieved previously by implementing Tri Dharma College, such as community service this time. (dsk, adt)