Improve Capability, USDI Holds Reportage Workshop

The Information Resources Unit (USDI) of  Udayana University held a Reportage Workshop on Saturday (04/20/2019). One of USDI's annual agendas was held at the 2nd Floor Video Conference Room of the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) Building at Udayana University, Denpasar and was followed by the USDI reportage team in 2019.

The Reporting Team is part of USDI which consists of Udayana University students who had been registered for open recruitment in 2019. The formation of this team is motivated by USDI activities that have not been well publicized to internal and external parties at Udayana University. His job is to publish the work of  USDI in order to make it well known by Udayana University community as well as the wider community and realize USDI as the backbone in terms of IT facilities and information systems.

Foto Bersama Tim Reportase USDI 2019 (dokumentasi Tim Reportase)I Made Widiartha, S.Si., M.Kom., Secretary of USDI Information Technology Service, said the workshop had an important goal, namely to improve the capabilities of reporters and provide an overview of the mechanisms at work. "The first goal of this workshop was to improve the capabilities of reporters who joined USDI in covering, editing, and publishing to the website. Second, giving an overview to reporters about the mechanism for uploading news through their IMISSU accounts," he said.

This workshop presented two speakers, the first is Dr. Ni Made Ras Amanda Gelgel, S. Sos, M.Sc, lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Udayana University and also the Chairperson of Communication Media at Udayana University (Medkom Unud). The material provided was "Basic Journalism." Second speaker is, I Dewa Gede Rai Indrayana which was the USDI PIC in charge of managing the website of Udayana University. The material provided is "News Uploading Mechanism in Unud Website."

Hoped that this workshop can provide knowledge and experience to the Reporting Team regarding better coverage techniques to provide better output. Through this, the Reportage Team is expected to be able to help USDI in improving performance and achieving goals. (yun)