“Convey your aspiration” DPM-PM Udayana University Held Chancellor Meet 2019

Discuss session of the Chancellor Meet 2019
Denpasar – Monday (04/02), Student’s Representative Council of Udayana University (DPM-PM) held the Chancellor Meet (Temu Rektor) 2019 At the Student Centre Hall, Sudirman, last week. This event themed “Surge of Aspiration from Students to the Progressive and Accountable Udayana University”. It was the idea of DPM-PM, and it became an annual event held by DPM-PM.  This year’s event was held together with the inauguration of the 2019 DPM-PM committee. 
This annual event was held as an accommodation for the student’s aspirations about the problem they faced while they studied either in the campus or the faculty. It also accommodated a discussion with the Chancellor and its committee.
“The main purpose of this event, is to bring together the students with the chancellor’s committee to discus and convey their aspiration. If they had any problem while they studied here, they could discuss it at the discussion session so that they could give the best solution for the better Udayana”. Said I Gede Bayu Bahari Sujana Putra, the president of DPM-PM 2019.

One of the participants delivered his aspirations at the Chancellor Meet 2019 discuss session


The Chancellor Meet 2019 was open for public and it invited students from each faculty. About 100 students attended the meeting. Not only students, this event also attended by the chancellor of Udayana University, 1st vice chancellor, 2nd vice chancellor, 3rd vice chancellor, 4th vice chancellor, and all the chief of the bureau also 13 deans of all the faculties in Udayana University.

At least, there were 3 topic of discussion which are: the sponsorship, student’s policy, bureaucracy and administration.

The most discussed topic was the campus’s facilities that had been damaged and need to be repaired, because there were some of them that been out of order. The chancellor committee would take all the aspirations and suggestions and handle all the problem as soon as possible.

This activity must be a positive example for other student’s committee in order to synergize and having a good relation with chancellor and its committee and students, so that there would be no misconception between them.