Photo with Speakers, Lecturers and Student Representatives


Denpasar – Saturday (22/09), International Relations Study Program Udayana University held a curriculum workshop. The workshop, chaired by Adi P. Suwecawangsa S.IP, M.A (Prodi internal lecturer), was one of the efforts carried out by the ranks of the International Relations Study Program to develop study materials that existed internally. The International Relations Study Program curriculum itself has three study materials consisting of study material on globalization, culture and tourism; strategic security study material; and study material for global political economy. Referring to this, the study program always strives to strengthen and enrich the substance of courses so that the substance in the world of work remains strong. In addition, this workshop activity was also held to ensure the use of the right IQF-based curriculum in each study in the International Relations Study Program.

The Enthusiasm of Participants Following the Workshop Series


In the series of workshops attended by lecturers and students in the International Relations Study Program of Udayana University, in Building B of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Udayana University for 7 hours (09.00 WITA to 16.00 WITA). There were 2 speakers who presented the material in this workshop series. The first resource person was Dr. Arfin Sudirman, S.IP., M.A, who presented the material on the overview of the curriculum on international relations in Indonesia, the Substance of Strategic Security Studies. Whereas in the resource person the two committee members invited Vinsensio M A Dugis, Ph.D, who explained about the development of international relations curriculum based on the IQF guidelines.

Each session was filled with discussion sessions and closed with a joint photo session. (pratama)