Hundreds of Participated in Padati Bali Scholarship Expo 2018


Denpasar – Tuesday (05/06/18) the 4th Floor of Nusantara Hall, Agrokomplek Building, Udayana University was crowded by hundreds of scholarship hunters who come from various regions to attend the Bali Scholarship Expo 2018 series. Bali Scholarship Expo (BASE) 2018 is a collaborative event between LPDP Bali alumni, which is Matagaruda Bali and Udayana University along side with the BEM PM of Udayana University. It aims to motivate the young generation and facilitate the delivery of scholarship information to the younger generation of Bali to continue their higher education both at home and abroad. In his speech, the Vice Rector III of Udayana University, Prof. Dr. Ir. I Made Sudarma, M.S hopes that students, especially Udayana University students can take advantage of this event well as an opportunity for higher education with the help of scholarship.

The series of events consisting of talk show, scholarship and education expo, and IELTS Try Out in mini seminar. It was started with a talk show which was moderated by I Made Andi Arsana, Ph.d. Inspirational stories in the struggle for high achievement and completion of higher education delivered by Ida Bagus Putra Parthama and Halida Nuriah Hatta, coupled with brief information about LPDP scholarship by Ratna Prabandari as the Head Division of LPDP DKP Distribution Evaluation.

The enthusiasm of the young generation to continue their tertiary education is very strong in the second series of the BASE 2018 program, more than 400 people packed the area of scholarship and educational expo. The Expo was filled by 31 agencies consisting of scholarship providers both from within and outside the country such as LPDP, AAS, Study in Sweden, Chevening, USAID, overseas universities such as Curtin University, University of Birmingham, UNSW, Monash University, and still many others. The event then continued with the IELTS Try Out seminar, the presentation of scholarship information from the Swedish government namely Study in Sweden, the introduction of LPDP scholarships and sharing session with the LPDP awardee, IELTS simulation, and ended with the official closing of the event.

The previous event has also been held in 2016 is expected to be a trigger spirit of the younger generation to be more eager in achieving the highest education. (DW)