Jakarta - Udayana University attended the "World Post Graduate Expo 2018" Education Exhibition at the Jakarta Convention Center Building, May 12-13, 2018. This Expo is a series of Hardiknas Summit held by Kemenristekdikti and followed by more than 52 Institutions from 16 countries. This Expo was opened by the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia.

The educational exhibition, which is devoted to both S2 and S3, is aimed at bridging students with various universities both domestically and abroad to ensure students can find the info they need to meet their educational needs.

The Organizing Committee, Anastasya Sri, Operational Director of MSW Global said that the event was held in collaboration with Kemenristekdikti, and the World Post Graduate Expo was the second time the exhibition was held to disseminate Post-graduate level education information for students and the community. This cast is also a means and a place for post-graduate enthusiasts both domestically and abroad to obtain the widest information related to Postgraduate education in their respective institutions.

Menristekdikti, M.Nasir hopes that this activity can improve higher education in Indonesia to be better considering up to now APK in Indonesia is only 31.5% which means about 68.5% is not absorbed in higher education which is likely due to work or abroad. In this case what must be done is to apply distance learning that currently only done in the field of social science and will also be developed in the field of eksata. Besides, the Cyber ​​Institute should also be developed because it is important for the development of higher education. (HM)