Sweden Scholarship and Fellowship Info Session 2018

Giving Information In Sweden Scholarship and Fellowship Info Session 2018

Denpasar – Thursday, April 26th, 2018, there was conducted an activities entitled Sweden Scholarship and Fellowship Info Session in the International room, Agrokomplek building, Sudirman campus, Denpasar. This event is an annual agenda of CIP (Center for International Programs) Udayana University which at times took the theme of "Study Master Program in Sweden and Scholarship". The purpose of this activity is to open Udayana University students' insight that overseas study opportunities are numerous. This is because the scholarships available were vary widely, both from the Indonesian government, overseas campuses, and local government.

Participants who attended this event amounted to 48 people who are students of Udayana University. The speakers in this activity was Titi Holmgren (Educational Consultant from Nordic Student Service Sweden). The activity started at 14.30 WITA with information exposure and continued with a discussion session. The activity went smoothly and communicatively because the number of participants was limited, so the atmosphere was more relaxed like being in a lecture class. Sweden is a good country to be a place of study because of the many world-class campuses that existed there and supported by various scholarships. This is certainly an opportunity that should be put to good use.

Ni Putu Sri Harta Mimba, PhD., Msi., SE., Ak., CA., CMA., CIBA., CBV. (Director of Udayana University's Center for International Programs) advised students to make the best possible use of study abroad as they can open their horizons to a wider range. In addition there are also many scholarships from the government of Indonesia, foreign campus, and local government. "If hardskill and knowledge are more or less the same everywhere, but our softskill will be more honed if we get the opportunity to study abroad, especially networking. Because in the future a successful person is a person who has a wide networking and can work together ", she said. (fai)