Celebrating The Seventh Penyepian’s Dharma Shanti with Udayana University’s FPMHD in Caka 1940

The Atmosphere during the Presentation of the Essay Contest, Held in Bhinneka Room, 3rd floor of Agrokompleks Building, Sudirman Campus.

Denpasar (21/04), as series of welcoming Catur Brata Penyepian ‘the Balinese silent day four types of fasting’, The Fraternity Forum of Hindu Dharma Students Udayana University (FPMHD UNUD), held competitions and Dharma Tula.

The theme that carried on this seventh implementation was Yowana Dharma Kapti Jaya Desi which meant "The Most Noble Ideal of Youths is to restore the Glory of Their Homeland".

According to Made Satria Tresnajaya as Chairman of the Committee, The Seventh Penyepian’s Dharma Shanti Caka 1940 was aimed to re-familiarize Hindus especially high school students and university students by building together the culture of Bali.

That was raised in the competition events, namely Nyurat Aksara Bali ‘Writing Balinese Characters’ that was followed by 28 participants of senior high school students, Intelligent Quiz Competition followed by 22 teams, and National Essay Competition with  10 senior high school students and 10 university students as the participants.

The background of each competition is about “Hindu’s Youth Movement in Bali”. According to Satria, the competitions were focusing more on youngsters because our culture is currently experiencing a crisis of attention, especially from the younger generation.

All participants of the competition, representatives of 13 Faculties at Udayana University and Hindu Students’ Forum from different universities, were present to watch the Dharma Tula along with entertainments including Jauk Manis Dance and Bondres (Balinese masked-men comedy show).

The Dharma Tula packed in the form of talk show is expected to cultivate the awareness of the younger generation to preserve and embrace their culture and religion. (khania)