The Praying at Erjeruk Temple Before Implementing the Community Service of “Tri Hita Karana 2018”

Gianyar - Saturday (07/04), Udayana University Faculty of Cultural Sciences’ Student Senate (SMFIB) was again implementing the “Bakti Tri Hita Karana” with the title of "Ngayah Saring, as an Implementation of Service to Create Young Generation with Noble Characteristics" at Erjeruk Temple, Sukawati, Gianyar.

In addition to implementing the work program of SMFIB’s Field II, this activity was also aiming at introducing one of students’ duties listed in the “Tri Dharma” of Higher Education which; the community service. More particularly, to make students become sensitive to the condition of the surrounding environment and have noble virtuous characteristics.

"Not just a work program of Field II, but more than that we want to invite friends to get out of the campus environment and provide a tangible implementation for the surrounding environment." Said Bendesa Gedhe WP Sadhu as the chief executive of Bakti Tri Hita Karana 2018 when met on the sidelines of his duty.

This annual routine activity was a follow up activity from the Student Day and PKKM in the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, which has involved at least 375 students of class of 2017 and several lecturers of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences who also participated directly in the implementation of Bakti Tri Hita Karana 2018.

The participants seemed enthusiastic in following the series of events that lasted until 12:00 pm. Moreover, the Dean of Faculty of Cultural Sciences Udayana University emphasized that this activity was a joint social activity conducted by the academic community of Faculty of Cultural Sciences.

"There is no junior or senior; only the attitude of noble characteristics, the respect between the young with the older. And once again; no more perploncoan in any form, we learn together and implement the knowledge obtained in the campus to the surrounding environment. “said Prof. Dr. Ni Luh Sutjiati Beratha, M.A., the dean of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences.

This activity was held without any significant obstacles. Students divided each of the tasks that have been determined by the committee. At Erjeruk Temple, located near a beach, the academic community of Faculty of Cultural Sciences conducted three work programs of community services. Among them are “planting”, “cleaning”, and “procurement”. Students planted decorative plants in order to beautify in the area around the temple including Cempaka Flowers, while the cleaning program was done starting from the entrance of Erjeruk Temple until the beach, and not less important was the procurement program implemented by giving several trash cans and signpost in order to organize the two and four-wheels parking area as well as a notification board with a message of "Be Careful, There is a Religious Ceremony". (Ism)

Cleaning around Erjeruk Temple, Sukawati, Gianyar.