Obsesi, the Favorite Event of Himagri in The Extent of Agribusiness Knowledge

Denpasar - Saturday (24 March, 2018), Agribusiness Student Association Udayana (Himagri) holds Agribusiness Talk or Obrolan Seputar Agribisnis (Obsesi) in Indonesia at the 2nd floor of Agrokomplek Building, Faculty of Agriculture. The aim of this event is to establish communication or talk about agribusiness outside the course, both with academics and practitioners. The theme of this annual event is "Agrotourism for Sustainable Agriculture".

"The theme is chosen because in Bali, especially today the development of agrotourism is quite popular and developed into a tourist attraction that is in great demand by tourists, both local and foreign", Ni Putu Kanya Mita, a secretary in the field 1 of Himagri.

It is attended by 60 participants from Agribusiness students and attended by Dr. Ir. I Ketut Sumba M. P. is as the Vice Dean 1, Dr. Ir. I Dewa Putu Oka Suardi, M. Si., is as the coordinator of Agribusiness Program Study, and I Made Sarjana, SP, MSc is as the accompanying lecturer. I Ketut Sumba in his speech advised that this event must still be implemented and students can apply the material presented by speakers in the future.

There are the reliable speakers in the field of agribusiness in this event. They are I Made Sumertana (Owner of Bali Fruit Garden) and I Wayan Tana (Owner Malini Agrokomplek Uluwatu). I Made Sumertana conveys material about agrotourism in urban area such as agrotourism techniques in utilizing the narrow field as planting fruit in pot or called tabulampot. Meanwhile, the second speaker explains about the agrotourism tips in barren land.

I Made Sumertana explains, one of the agrotourism techniques in the use of narrow land is by planting fruit in pot or Tabulampot. Tabulampot is one solution for lovers of plants and fruit in the face of the narrow land challenges.