HIMADESPAR Encouraged Udayana Students To Take Advantage of Overseas Scholarship Opportunities

Material presentation from I Made Andi Arsana, Ph.D., at IPD Building Udayana Campus, Jimbaran.


Denpasar, (23/18) the implementation of 2018 Book Review was held by Bachelor of Tourism Destination Study Program Students’ Association (HIMADESPAR), Udayana University. On this occasion, “Inspirasi 4 Musim” (4 Seasons Inspiration) was the book being discussed. This activity is held annually with different discussions.

"The goal is to provide information on the contents of the 4 Season Inspiration book and tips for getting scholarships abroad and traveling the world through scholarships and open the students' insight to always be responsive and take advantage of the opportunities available", said Hany Sintya Nida as the chairperson of the organizing committee.

The event was held with the concept of ngobrol bareng  (chatting and sharing casually together) with I Made Andi Arsana, Ph.D as UGM’s Geodetic Lecturer with materials on tips to get scholarships abroad. In addition, there was also a Talk show with Vice Dean 3, with a question and answer session related to how to get the scholarships.

"4th Season Inspiration" is a story of journeys in getting scholarships abroad for students who decide to continue their master and doctoral education. This book review sessions was attended by approximately 200 student participants from Udayana University.

Through this activity, Hany expects that this event can be done every year, and can provide excellent speakers and writers. It is also projected in giving benefit for the participants as students who want to take the advantage of scholarships opportunities. (khania)