The Photo Session of Pilmapres Udayana University 2018 after the Event

Denpasar – Saturday (10/03), Udayana University once again held the Elections of the Most Outstanding Student (Pilmapres) 2018 in the Graduate Hall of Sudirman Campus. The prior to the peak of the University's outstanding student election, Mawapres's selection process was first conducted by the 13 faculties in February. Each faculty will choose one representative of mawapres for S1 student program and one mawapres for D3 student program.

"The series of events is quite long starting in February and has started to be done in every faculty, in faculty usually each program study send their students and then it will be selected again until the elected student becomes the representative of the faculty", explained Gede Artha Sanjaya.

After the mawapres elected in the faculty field, the next selection stage is the extracurricular assessment about the activities of intra-campus organization that has been followed, followed by psychotic test assessment by the psychology team of Faculty of Medicine Unud, English test by UPUD Lab team of Unud Language and the last is the peak of student election in the University level achievement, which is the presentation of scientific writing. The score from the initial to the end of selection will be accumulated as the final score, and of course the score of the highest score will be the winner of the 2018 Pilmapres Unud.

There are at least 16 participants who entered the final round of Pilmapres 2018. They are Ni Nyoman Triana Ardi, the representatives from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology; Gede Indra Putra Pratama from the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries; I Gede Andika, the representative of S1 program from the Faculty of Economics and Business; Dewa Gede Mahagita Ananda, the representative of D3 program from Economics and Business; Bagus Putu Rama Kusuma, the representative of Faculty of Engineering; I Gusti Agung Anom Krisna Anggara the representative of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences; Ratu Ajeng Sinta Dewi from Faculty of Animal Husbandry; I Dewa Agung Putra from Faculty of Agriculture; Putu Indah Savitri from Faculty of Social and Political Sciences; Gede Sai Sankara Pratika, the representative of D3 program from Social Science and Political Science; I Made Cahya Prayana, the representative of S1 program from Faculty of Tourism; Kunto Bagus Koro, a D4 program student from Faculty of Tourism; I Putu Hendri Aryadi from Faculty of Medical; Gede Putra Sanjaya from Veterinary Faculty; Putu Wahyu from Faculty of Arts, and Bagus Hermanto, the representative of Faculty of Law.

The sixteen participants presented their own scientific results in front of the four juries from the Udayana University's lecturers. All participants must be ready with the questions of the juries. Quite stressful, however, all of the participants managed to answer the juries questions intelligently. After the presentation finished, with anxious feelings, the participants wait the results of the announcement of the winner of Udayana University Pilmapres 2018. Around 20.00 WITA, the input of score of the whole series of events of mawapres has ended, and the Runner Up of Mawapres Udayana University Udayana 2018 for S1 program was achieved by I Putu Hendri Aryadi from the Faculty of Medicine, the 2nd Runner Up was Putu Indah Savitri from FISIP with the acquisition of 94, 42, and the 3rd position was achieved by Bagus Hermanto with the score of 92, 59. With acquisition value of 95,37 was given to the Runner Up of D3 program. It was achieved by Dewa Gede Mahagita Ananda from the Faculty of Economics and Business. (Ism)