Photo Session After Book Review "Halaqah Cinta"

Denpasar - Sunday (04/03), Community of Book Lovers conducted A Book Review entitled "Study of Youth Love" at Swakarya Baru Street 1 Denpasar right in front of Al-Furqon Mosque, Sudirman Campus, Udayana University. The community that was pioneered by Udayana University students has frequently conducted book reviews and book discussions in several places such as Renon area and around Sudirman Street. Community of Book Lovers has done at least six book reviews. This book review is routinely conducted to attract the attention of youth to increase the reading interest. In addition, the community that was established since 2016 also has a goal to create a contest that is designed to increase youth interest in reading on book literacy.

Muhammad Ilham Khudzafi, alumnus of Udayana University and chairman of Book Lovers Community explained that this book review discusses “the study of youth love”, with the aim to explore the essence of the story experienced by the youth, so as not to get caught up in a destructive love game.

This book review discusses about the contents of the book entitled "Halaqah Cinta" by Arif Rahman Lubis presented by Ustadz Muhammad Sahlan, S.Pt who is also an alumnus of Udayana University. There is reason for the selection of book and theme were chosen to be a discussion. The days of being a student is a time when youth begins to know love. It seems that this study is quite interestin. Participants were also present from the youth, especially Udayana University students who are members of several intra campus and inter campus organizations such as UKKI FPMI, IMA Medicine, HMI and KAMMI.

"If we usually review a book on scientific studies, but this time we want to present a slightly different form of discussion related to youth that is already familiar," said Ilham.

Besides, Ilham also explained about the contents of "Halaqah Cinta" which discussed the essence of love, which is actually constructive to the development of the youth soul. Love is not the fanciful romance that has been imagined by the grandiose young man that will only end up with the feeling of ‘must have’ against the couple. In addition, it also delivered tips on finding the right partner.

The event lasted until 2pm, which closed with various questions from participants.

"Participants are very enthusiastic with our topic on this time, hopefully the presence of this book lovers community can be a pioneer and become a new hope for the reading interest enhancement of Indonesian society, especially youth as the next generation of nation", said Ilham. (kezia)

Community of Book Lovers while doing Roadshow in Renon Area