Speakers and BEM-PM In Open Discussion Event

Denpasar - Thursday (08/03), Student Executive Board (BEM-PM) Udayana University held an open discussion about the problematic and ideal leader candidate of Bali ahead of the regional election of Governor and Vice Governor of Bali. Held at the Student Center Hall-Denpasar, this discussion has a theme namely "A good leadership for a better development for Bali". The open discussion was attended by 100 participants from the element of students in Udayana University and several campuses in Denpasar City.

The discussion which held by Udayana University BEM-PM present two speakers with social and political background. The first speaker was Dr. Ni Wayan Widhiasthini, S.Sos, M.S who is a member of the Regional Election Commission (KPUD) of Bali and A.A. Bagus Surya Widya Nugraha, SIP, M.Si. who is a lecturer of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Udayana University.

The atmosphere at the Open Discussion Room

In an interview with the executive chairman, I Gede Surya Gunawan (Minister of Action and Public Policy Studies of BEM-PM), explained that the main purpose of the discussion is as a form of student effort in guarding the democracy party in Bali 2018. This discussion tried to collect the aspirations of students in critiquing the existing problems on the island of Bali as in the process of implementing the ongoing democratic feast as well as in the policy of the Balinese government in general.

The final conclusion of this discussion is the hope that the future leaders of Bali will not only work to solve the problems, but also to be more integrated with the Balinese people to know what they want and need from their leaders in detail. In addition, the future leaders of Bali are expected to be able to do equitable development and not only focus on the tourism sector but also in other sectors such as infrastructure, public services, and so forth.(kezia)