KSE Scholarship Returns 'Echoing' at Udayana University

Komang Agus Putra Saraswati as the Chariman of the Event is Giving a Speech


Denpasar, 26 of February, 2018 - Gema Karya Salemba Empat Scholarship is held by Anindya Guna Community of Udayana University. This activity aims to introduce about the existence of KSE scholarship in Unud. It is targeted at students from 13 faculties to be able to join in Anindya Guna KSE Udayana University.

This event has been held in two different places, the first period takes place in Bangsa Room, rectorate Building, Udayana University and the second period takes place at Nusantara Room, Agrokompleks Building, Unud. It is attended by approximately 300 participants.

The material given is about the understanding of KSE Scholarship, how to register, whether during the collection of administrative files online, activities that will be done when it has joined the organization in this KSE and requirements to be part of the KSE Scholarship.

In addition to being part of the KSE, prospective recipients will also be introduced about other activities such as training outside Bali and other social activities. KSE scholarships are accepted by active students at Udayana University, with a minimum requirement of 2nd semester from Bachelor Degree.

"From this event, it is expected that Udayana University students will register in KSE because KSE itself has many advantages", Ni Kadek Devi Kencana Dwi Merta as Chairman of KSE Unud stated.