National Seminar on the First Day

Denpasar – Monday (26/02), Minat Profesi (Minpro) Satwa Liar Rothschildi, Faculty of Veterinary Udayana University holds national seminar and workshop. The theme of this event is Illegal Wildlife Trade. It is held two days on February 24th and 25th, 2018. The chairman of this event is Putri Nur Hasanah who is a student of Faculty of Veterinary, Udayana University.

The first day of the national seminar is attended by 120 participants from various circles in Indonesia. It is held for eight hours starting at 08.00 WITA to 16.00 WITA in Nusantara Hall, Agrokomplek Building, Denpasar. There are some speakers on the first day. The speakers in the first session are Drh. Andita Septiandini (Wildlife Veterinary Practitioner Sumatran Tiger Rehab Center) who discusses about Rescue Rehab Release and Vet Forensics and Ir. Dones Rinaldi, M. Sc, F.Trop (Lecturer of Faculty of Forestry IPB) who explains about wildlife ecology. Meanwhile, the speakers in the second session are Drh. Indra Exploitasia (Directorate General of Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry) explaining the main tasks of the Directorate General of Law Enforcement for Environment and Forestry, Yunita Dwi Setyorini (Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia) on wildlife trade routes and the role of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), and Mr. Catur (Natural Resources Conservation Center).

Simulation Practice at Workshop on the Second Day

The second day is the workshop. This workshop starts from 09.00 WITA until 16.00 WITA and attended by 35 participants from the students around Bali. It is held in the Faculty of Veterinary Hall and there are two veterinarians who guide the way of simulation practice of the participants when the workshop runs, they are Prof. Dr. Drh. I Ketut Berata, M.Si and Drh. Andita Septiandini. Prof. Dr. Drh. I Ketut Berata, M.Si provides simulation of histology preparation techniques and Drh. Andita Septiandini provides the Vet Forensics simulation.

Putri as the chairman of this event states that this seminar is held because the Faculty of Veterinary students concern with the increasingly illegal wildlife trade in Indonesia. According to her, nowadays has become a large criminal industry that affects in a reduced population of some wildlife species which can also be extinct. Therefore, this event is held as a forum of education to the community, especially observers of other wildlife to stop illegal trade in wildlife in the hope to keep them sustainable.

In the final session, Putri expects that the participants will be more aware not to do illegal wildlife trade and to preserve the wildlife.