Grand Dialogue of Faculty of Agriculture 2018 Generates Creative Students

Ongoing question and answer session to the participants about the results of research located at Nusantara Room, Agrokompleks, Denpasar.

Denpasar, (23/2) Student organization under the Faculty of Agriculture Udayana University has organized a Grand Dialogue 2018. The theme is "Ideas For Bukit Catu". This activity aims to make the students, especially the Faculty of Agriculture students be able to equip themselves with good scientific foundations.

This activity is a continuation of Agricamp which took place on 5th-7th January. The grand dialogue was held in Nusantara Room, Agrokompleks Building, Udayana University attended by approximately 300 participants. Each participant is divided into 8 groups consisting of 40 people.

Grand Dialogue of Faculty of Agriculture is an activity that provides a place for students to be able to channel ideas related to the existing problems in Banjar Bukit Catu, Candi Kuning Village, Tabanan. In conducting this research, each group has been incorporated from three basic fields of Agriculture Faculty namely Agribusiness, Agro technology, and Landscape Architecture. Later, each group can build an idea from the merging of the three ideas.

"The reason why we chose Bukit Catu, this is because there has a good farming, and the region can load our considerable participants." said Chief Executive of Grand Dialogue, Ni Made Ayu Krisna Wati.

The assessment phases, starting from the percentage of research results in the form of ideas from participants who have a value of originality and uniqueness. The assessment was given by the Agricultural Lecturer namely Naniek Kohdrata, S.P., M.L.A. and Ir. I Gusti Alit Gunadi, M.S. In addition, all research results will be brought to Bukit Catu and assessed whether possible or not the research is to be applied.

Through this activity, it is expected that the participants can balance their ability in both academic and non-academic, and start practicing to participate in making PKM and occupying in the field of Entrepreneurship. (kezia)