Andika Wira was the Attending Opening of Student Exchange in India

Denpasar – Thursday (01/02), I Gede Andika Wira Teja or who is familiarly called Dika is a student of Development Economics Udayana University who became one of the representatives of Indonesia in the Asean-India Student Exchange Program (AISEP) 2018. The student, who is from Pemutaran Village, Gerograk-Bali became the Indonesian representative after several the stage of selection that eventually make it as the champion of AISEP program to represent Bali. Not only until there, become a pride for Dika as the only student from Bali who represents the series of activities.

The activities that are annually discharged by the Ministry of Youth and Sport lasted for 10 days. In general, this activity is an event to promote the culture of each country that participates in the implementation of activities. According to Dika, during the 10 days he participated in the event, participants introduced new knowledge such as major industry in India, famous campuses, and historic places to learn Indian culture especially in Mumbai, Pune, Agra and New Delhi.

Andika while Participating the entire Events


During the interview, Dika recounted when the activity started at the selection stage at the Provincial level. Such as selection on the general activity, the selection stage is the administration and the interview stage, but there are different in the selection of this activity because it included a test of ability for participants to perform local arts. In addition, this activity also emphasizes the making of post program activity (after service home program).

At the end of the interview, Dika expects Udayana University to be the leading campus to send its students to become Indonesian representatives in youth exchange program between countries. In addition, Dika also encourages Udayana University students to try a similar exchange program that has been followed because such programs are free from the government and become an opportunity for students to study abroad. (pratama)