Photo with KEMAS Udayana Board with children of Kingdom Kids Home Klungkung orphanage

Klungkung – Saturday (16/12), Family Students of History Science (KEMAS) Udayana University held a Social Activity at the Kingdom Kids Home orphanage. This activity is the work program of Social Sector as well as the final activity in KEMAS on period 2016/2017.

"The activity at this orphanage is the last activity in our period of kepengabatasan, as well as closing moments during this period" said Jusuf Roni Sihombing when meet on the sidelines of its activities.

The event that carried the theme of One Million Hundreds of Books was attended by 30 students of Udayana history. It is no longer the basic necessities they provide for the orphanage, but they give 100 books and some instant canned milk. This book is intended for children in this orphanage can use it in learning and give knowledge and broad insight.

"We did not give rice or other basic needs only milk and 100 books that fit their age. Because in our opinion, book is the endless warehouse of knowledge and they can use until later. "Clearly Mila as the Chairman of KEMAS 2015.

Not only limited to providing aid books, but Udayana history students are also invited the orphanage children to play and learn, by introducing historical events and heroes.

The Kids Orphanage were enthusiastically welcomed the social activities held by Kemas. Because during this time there has never been a student who visited and socialize with the orphanage children.

"I am very happy that my siblings can visit us. We can learn and play together, "said one of Kingdom Kids Home orphans. (Ism)