Students and Teams Photos Upon Winning Announcement

Denpasar – Wednesday (06/12), Udayana Udayana Debating Society Udayana University won the achievement in English Argument Debating Championship Varsity debate competition at Lombok University Mataram. In 2017, this year's event takes the theme of "Be The Voice of Your Generation".

The UMS SME Delegates participating in the event were divided into two groups: the first one was named UDS Satu team consisting of Dwi Juni Ardianti (FISIP Student) and Ophelia Firsty (Student of Tourism Faculty), while in the second team was named UDS Dua team consisting of Achmad Fathoni Wibowo (FISIP Student) and Thariq Albab Basusena (Medical Faculty Student).

UDS Team Photo One Time Successfully Getting First Place In The Competition

In a three-day event, UDS SMEs won first and second prizes in the English debate competition (the first winner was awarded by UDS One team and the second winner was UDS Dua team). In addition to team awards, UDS SMEs also get individual accolades from their delegates. The four UDS representatives occupy the top five participants in the order of 1st best speakers on behalf of Dwi Juni Ardianti, 2nd best speaker on behalf of Achmad Fathoni Wibowo, 4th best speaker is Y. Thariq Albab Basusena, and 5th best speakers is Ophelia Firsty.

During an interview with Ophelia who also served as chairman of UDS SMEs, Ophelia explained that during the race, the motions (discussion topics of each session debate) given by the committee are very diverse and cover the scope of international relations. Ophelia describes examples of motions that came out when he participated in such activities are about the independence of catalonia, cyber attack vs. millitary attack, trust feminism, to the motion of e-sports.

At the end of the interview Ophelia hopes that Udayana University students can be equally active in pursuing achievements outside the campus. In addition, Ophelia also invites Udayana University students to actively participate in activities outside the lecture period such as entry into the organization of Student Activity Unit (UKM), especially to students who have the desire to hone their ability in giving argument logically and critically, UDS SME is the choice . (pratama)