Denpasar - Tuesday (07/11/2017), Eye Health Sciences Program Faculty of Medicine Udayana University was visited by LAM-PTKes Assessor Team in order to visit of institute accreditation process. The visit was held at the Wiksa Locana SMF Room Mata Sanglah Hospital Denpasar, and attended by Rector Unud, Director of Sanglah General Hospital, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Chairman of LP3M Unud, Head of Eye Health Division, Representative of Jejaring Hospital, KPS and Alumni. The assessors who attended were Dr. dr. Seskoati Prayitnaningsih, Sp.M (K) and dr. Andi Muhammad Ichsan, Ph.D, Sp.M (K).

Head of Eye Disease, dr. Putu Budhiastra, Sp.M (K) conveyed accreditation is a government recognition of an educational institution or institution. Accreditation has significance for a course. Udayana University that has been accredited A and Sanglah Hospital has achieved a plenary value on KARS accreditation is also expected to be achieved by Prody Eye Disease Science. Given all the civitas have prepared this approximately a year with the accompanied internal assessors and hope to produce the best value.

On the same occasion, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Director of Sanglah General Hospital in his speech expressed the hope that in this accreditation process the Eye Disease Study Program can achieve the A grade as has been achieved by other Prody within the Faculty of Medicine. The same thing is expected by the Rector of Udayana University, since accreditation is very important because it affects the graduates, one is in obtaining employment, accreditation status is very decisive in the administrative process. For that reason, the Rector hopes that the study program and all its elements will be in the process of accreditation process so as not to harm the graduates.

One of the assessors conveyed the Team was assigned by LAM-PTKes to conduct an assessment which is a process of self-reflection. Previously, the assessment of adequacy so that the visitation is more clarification of the data already contained in the form. The assessor team hopes the visitation stage can run smoothly in accordance with the schedule and achieve the expected goals. (HM)