The atmosphere of the SOUND 2017 Nursing National Seminar


As a closing to the Scientific of Nursing Udayana (SOUND) which was the national scientific competition of Nursing Science Program (PSIK), the Nursing Students’ Association (HMIK) of Faculty of Medic and Health Science (FK), Udayana University held National Seminar SOUND 2017. The opening of the seminar was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Medic and Health Science of Udayana, Head of Nursing Science Program, and representatives from all organizations in the Faculty of Medic and Health Science of Udayana such as Student Institution of Faculty of Medic and Health Science (LMFK), Semi-Autonomous Board (BSO). The seminar was held on 5 November 2017.

The seminar which appointed the theme "The Evidence Based Nursing of Stroke Management and Rehabilitation Programs Related to Nursing Care of Post-Stroke Patients" was held at The Grand Santhi Hotel, Denpasar. The speakers invited in the seminar were I Made Kariasa, S.Kp., M., M. Kep., Sp. KMB., PG. Cert who is one of the teaching staff of the University of Indonesia. He discussed on the application of Evidence Base Nursing in the management of stroke. Then there was also the next speaker namely Ns. Dewa Kadek Adi Surya Antara S. Kep., M. Kep., who is the Head of the Mawar Room of Sanglah Hospital Denpasar. The material that he discussed was about the role of nurses in providing nursing care to stroke patients, and the role of nurses in the provision of rehabilitation programs to stroke patients.

The participants who participated in the seminar were 277 participants who came from various scopes. They were the participants who were the health student, the participants who were not in the scope of health, and the general public. They were not only the participants from Bali itself but also from outside Bali. The seminar was formed like a general seminar, which there was an opening ceremony, choir for the opening performance, dances, and also a welcome from committees and the related institution, and also a gong beating as mark of the opening of the National Seminar SOUND 2017. Next, the seminar proceeded with the first session which materials were discussed by the first and second speakers then interspersed with a coffee break and also some entertainments. Then in the second session, there was a question and answer session with the speakers with the concept of discussion. The last but not the least, there were a door prize for the best questioner and a lunch session and then closed with closing.

Ayu, as one of the committees, mentioned that the seminar was held once a year and the theme appointed was disease or problems that were frequently happening nowadays, thus by inviting the speakers who were expert in this field, it was expected that the seminar could make the participants to know the interventions in the management of strokes which were certainly based on the Evidence Base Nursing and to know the rehabilitation program of post-stroke patients with the aim to improve the quality of life of stroke patients.

For the success of the seminar, the committees certainly had done all the preparation. Ayu stated that the committees had prepared all preparations since three months lately. Starting from the recruitment of the committees, the appointment of the theme, the making of the proposal, managing the application of National SKP, SKP PPNI center, determining the speakers, determining the place of seminar, finding sponsors, the fundraising, the making of the seminar tickets and pamphlet, seminar information deployment, tickets sale, the making and distributing the invitation letters, the preparations of opening performances such as dance and choir, the preparation of seminar kits, the preparation of consumption and the stage. Through all the preparations, the National Seminar SOUND 2017 had been held successfully and lively held. (Silya)