Give Understanding How To Be Young Entrepreneur, Diploma Student's Association Faculty of Economics and Business UNUD Invited Three Successful Entrepreneur in Indonesia

The Enthusiasm of Participant in Following the National Seminar Series


Bukit Jimbaran - Sunday (October 22), Diploma Students' Association Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) held a Diploma Lecture Gathering (DLG) 2017 national seminar. This seminar entitled "Be Entrepreneur and Build Your Creativity in Digital Era" discussing about how to awaken the entrepreneur soul of young people in the digital era today. It was held in the Auditorium Widyasabha-Udayana University and attended by no less than 700 students from Udayana University and Bali. This five hour activity (09.45 WITA - 14.45 WITA) is chaired by Kadek Budhiyasa or commonly known as Budhi, a D-3 Taxation student.

Budhi stated that this seminar is aimed to provide motivation and inspiration to students to become youth who have entrepreneur spirit. In addition, he expected that the participants of this national seminar can apply the knowledge gained in real after the event ends.

Azzura Pongai while Giving Her Material at National Seminar

In the event, the national seminar is divided into three main sessions where there is one speaker in each session. In the first session was given by Ifa Alif, CEO and Founder of In the second session continued with the speaker of a senior manager of business development Line Indonesia named Azzura Pongai. The third speaker is Brandon Salim, the owner of Dorje Official.

All three speakers provided motivation and inspiration to the students to always keep their spirit becoming a young entrepreneur. Each speaker also explained that the opportunity to take advantage of the technological sophistication in this digital age is the key that can be utilized to gain success as the young entrepreneur. (pratama)